NHS 2018

Launching A New Product Into the Marketplace?

We go to the National Hardware Show 2018

The most successful way to launch a product is to attend a professional tradeshow.  The Inventor Lady attends many shows during the year and the biggest show is absolutely the National Hardware Show in May in Las Vegas at the LV Convention Center.  The Inventor Lady booth 7840 is 400 sq. ft. in the Hardware Section of the exhibit hall.  She will take 25 inventors/products to the show.

All of the products featured at the NHS are posted on this page.   If you would like to set up an appointment to meet the IL’s product representative for a particular invention, or see a demonstration, please contact “Rita” at rita@inventorlady.com.  We will be in the Hardware Section of the show in booth 7840.  Stop by to see our product demos, take advantage of show specials and pick up a free sample.


Find everything you need to move your business forward at the 2018 National Hardware Show, where you will see thousands of exhibitors representing 15 major product categories, and a Show floor layout that will help you find the products & exhibitors you’re looking for.

To Join Us For 2018 Contact Rita Crompton

  • Explore new products & vendors – connect face-to-face with the people behind the brands and products your customers need.
  • Be inspired with merchandising ideas & solutions on the Show floor from innovative exhibitors, NRHA Stage Sessions, networking opportunities and more.
  • Discover new brands and money-saving deals through exhibitor show specials and discounts.
  • Transform your business with all-new buying opportunities on the Show floor – including the Auction Event Looking for a new product?

This is the place to be! 83% of attendees say new products are the PRIMARY reason they attend the Show

Products Going to the NHS 2018



GatorStake https://www.gatorstake.com/







INVISIBLE DOOR STOP  http://www.idsconcepts.com/ids/index.cfm






HardWire Entertainment: The All-In-One Entertainment Center http://www.hardwireentertainment.com/







Aqua Swivel Seat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOGSN4Bprvc





Tagabiner: The easy way to change a dog tag: http://www.tagabiner.com/










The 3D Tools https://www.facebook.com/THE3DTOOLS/ 


GreaseGo All Natural Non-Toxic http://www.GreasGo.com











Wire Nice




Big boy Bagger http://bigboybagger.com/







True View










Multi Inc Sanders Helper https://vimeo.com/253677639

Pick Bag Storage Set http://www.DisplayCorp.us








NevR Bend Security Shaft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kqLfc-_0zM&feature=youtu.be







Mobile SnowPro  https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc1-i7l-0vw







Simple Scoop



The Rossiter System







The KB Spice Box http://kbcampbox.com/spice-box.html






Drill Alignment Tool  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mdyoHuSfAs