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As most of you know the world of professional tradeshows was completely closed down as a result of the COVID pandemic.  I have had so many inventors ask me why it has been so difficult to get products to market the last year.  Well, nobody put “PANDEMIC” in their 2020 business plan.  Sure wish we had had a crystal ball on that one.  But I imagine everyone feels the same way.

Sadly, COVID brought the economy to a screeching halt. In person events and travel were both total taboo for awhile and drastically impacted the ability of getting new ideas to the marketplace.  Yes, tradeshows were still being attempted virtually, but success rates have remained low.

Why?  Well if we are honest with ourselves, there is nothing that can replace the excitement of a tradeshow being live and in person.  While a virtual show is better than nothing, it just doesn’t replace the eye to eye contact and a handshake. It also doesn’t replace getting to see new products in person, rather than just photos or even videos.

But thankfully, like so many events, the professional tradeshows are starting to occur again, and happen FACE to FACE!  FINALLY!!!

The National Hardware Show is next month: October 21, 22, and 23.  And we are ready to get back to work!  www.nationalhardwareshow.com.

National Hardware Show 2021
Join us at the National Hardware Show 2021

If you are an inventor and have a sexy prototype, find a professional show and GO.   You should be patent pending and have a “proof of concept” prototype, short video and a name for your product before attending.  Go and show off.  The fear of being copied will keep you from finding a good licensee as soon as possible. The National Hardware Show is for any product that would be sold in a big box store (Target, Home Depot, Pets Mart, etc.)

Let’s face it; our economy has been fueled by inventors since we landed on the eastern shores.  We are the only ones who can revive it now.  If you have a product ready to show, join us at the NHS.  Inventor Lady takes a team of 25 inventors.  Working together, we are all more successful. www.InventorLady.com.

National Hardware Show 2021 Booth W1439
Join us at the National Hardware Show 2021
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