National Hardware Show 2022

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National Hardware Show 2022:

Time to get back in the groove.

Innovation in America is alive but not doing so well right now.  During this rotten pandemic, everyone has been hit hard.  From the cost to get to market, understanding the process and even the supply chains, everything has taken a hit the last 2 years.  Honestly, no one can tell us if the repercussions of this virus will go away or if we will just learn a new normal.  We can no longer wait to find out.  We, all of America, has to get back to work NOW!  We will figure out the new normal as we go but staying home and locked away is destroying our economy and our spirit.  We are a nation of fighters; and I, for one, insist on helping to get all inventors back in the game. 

The National Hardware Show 2021 last October was a good start.  It was actually one of the better shows for inventors because the attendees at the show were serious and desperate to find new products even if the supply chains are still bogged down.  

That said, the National Hardware Show 2022 in only 3 months away.  It is time to get back in the trenches and back into the market place.  If you have a product that you want to show off, contact me to become part of our team.  The inventors who go to the National Hardware Show with Inventor Lady are looking primarily for a licensing agreement.  We take 25 inventors/products to the show each year.  

Companies come shopping in our space.  They know, after 15 years, that we have the best and the brightest inventors.  

There are several reasons why going with us gets the inventor more for the dollar.

  1. The cost is significantly less than going alone.
  2. We collectively do more online advertising than most exhibitors can afford to do. 
  3. Inventor Lady has been going for 15 years.  We have a following.  
  4. Inventors are part of a collective team rather than alone.  Somebody always has your back.
  5. All of the details of going to a professional show are covered. 
  6. We have professional sales staff to help all inventors.


Going with Inventor Lady is a great option for inventors who just want to gather information on their product, who know they want licensing rather than manufacturing, who have a tight budget or want to be part of a bigger team.  

If any of you might be interested or have questions, please contact Rita Crompton: Rita@InventorLady.com, 303-910-8889.


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Join us!  Show off!  Launch your product or show it again.  It’s time!

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