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 Bundle Buds

  1. Securing the ends of a rope while keeping a bundle in place is difficult and subjects the person to muscle strains and, at the least, sore hands and fingers.

The Bundle Bud makes it easy to tighten the rope and secure it in place without messing with knots.  Think of it as a buckle for ropes.

  1. It is applied much quicker than tying a bundle with conventional knots.
  2. The rope never has a chance to loosen as it is being secured.  That prevents loose bundles that need retying.
  3. The bundle will be tied much tighter than what is possible with knots only.
  4. Releasing the rope from the Bundle Bud is much faster than untying a knot.
  5. Bundle Bud will be biodegradable so it can be left in place for recycling


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