Clean-O’s provides an instant protective layer over your hand and allows normal use of tissue or rag.

Instantly contains and seals spent tissue or rag.

Clean-O’s provides protective layer over your hand during cleaning and instantly inverts to contain spent cleaning tissue or rag for easy, clean and safe disposal.

Great for automotive applications, health care, cleaning, bio hazard any many more uses.

GERMS! They are everywhere, especially with Covid. Common practices like blowing your nose can spread them all too easily. And once contaminated with germs and pathogens, a soiled tissue can easily spread those contaminants to numerous other surfaces. Clean-O’s helps reduce contaminates.

The same problem can occur with hazardous cleaners, flammable or caustic materials, if you get them on a cleaning rag. Those rags are then disposed of, potentially resulting in fire hazards.

 Keeps hands clean and germ free while blowing your nose

 Keeps hands clean during disposal of tissue

 Keeps surroundings clean and germ free upon disposal

 Keeps hands clean from toxic cleaners and flammable liquids

 Keeps flammable rags contained upon disposal

 Easy to use

 Easy to dispose

 Provides instant protective layer over your hand

 Allows normal use of tissue or rag while protecting your hand at the same time

 Instantly inverts to contain soiled tissue or rag for easy, clean and safe disposal

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Clean-O’s – Product Showcase – National Hardware Show 2023 – THE INVENTOR LADY

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