The Bearing Clamp

The Problem: After 2 or more pieces of wood are aligned and wet glue is applied to them and they are ready to be clamped, the movable jaw’s pad, once it makes contact with the wood, invariably twists the pieces out of alignment.

The Solution: The Bearing Clamp eliminates this ancient problem because the introduction of a small bearing assembly, replaces the pad, and when its movable jaw moves, independently of the clamp’s screw, no misalignment occurs: when the bearing-pad of the screw comes into contact with the wood, the movable jaw stops moving, the twisting motion from the screw functionally eliminated by the bearing assembly. Any friction that would have occurred between the movable jaw and the wood, is effectively eliminated.

Because no slippage occurs when using the unit, they eliminate the need for jigs when making laminates or any sort of engineered wood; they replace the bar and C clamps for everyday use and on the fly clamping.

The unit can be used to construct any tear-down assembly, like scaffolding, lighting arrays, stage or film sets. They tighten by hand as tight, often tighter, than units assembled with bolts and a wrench, often with minimal effort.

View product flyer here.

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