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 An older Gentleman once told me that “Inventing is habit forming, contagious and there is no cure”.  He was right.
Inventing is also hard work.  It takes a strong stomach lining and a budget.
Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet or company that can do it for you.  Inventing is a process:  one step at a time.  You make a series of business decisions based on the results of the previous task.
Most inventors start out alone as they go through the process.  This reduces the odds of success dramatically.  I am here to help you understand the process and to make good decisions.  I will sign a NDA.  As a licensing agent, I learned years ago that the sooner I could help an inventor do it right, the better the chances for success.
I work with inventors who constantly amaze me with their continued success, new ideas and their desire to help others.  A unique resolve and passion is required to get a product from the “I have an idea” stage to the marketplace.  Because of my deep experience in marketing and the related skills and business relationships I have acquired over the years, I and my company, FLeCusa, provide a unique service to clients wishing to enter the marketplace or grow their business to a new level, nationally or internationally.  You can read more about FLeCusa at www.FLeCusa.com.
There are several blog posts that will answer many of your questions about the issues around inventing.  I will start adding vlog posts in January 2017.  If you have questions or topics, please let me know.   I will be adding stories about inventors I have helped over the years.
Don’t miss my marketing pages that show products we are taking to the National Hardware Show and MedTrade.  Going to a professional tradeshow is the best and most cost effective way to launch a new product.  I talk more about this in my various blogs and on the separate pages.

I can be reached by telephone at (303) 910-8889, by e-mail at rcrompton@flecusa.com or by web at either www.flecusa.com or www.InventorLady.com. You can also reach me by “snail mail” at the following address:

The Inventor Lady
5082 E. Hampden Avenue, # 210
Denver, Colorado 80222
In addition, here’s some other info that may be important to you:
Office Telephone: (720) 535-5219
Fax: (720) 535-5220
Cellphone: (303) 910-8889
Rita Crompton
The Inventor Lady
January, 2011