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A little bit about the Inventor Lady… RITA CROMPTON

Welcome to the Inventor Lady site. My name is Rita Crompton. Inventing is habit forming, contagious and there is no cure; I work with inventors who constantly reinforce this belief with their continued success, new ideas and their desire to help others.  A unique resolve and passion is required to get a product from the “I have an idea” stage to the marketplace. Most inventors are alone as they go through the process and this reduces the odds of success dramatically.

When I started FLeCusa International, my goal was to bring the corporate environment resources to the individual inventor. FLeCusa International helps inventors understand the inventing process, go to market, establish distribution networks, protect their intellectual property and treat their invention like a business.

Because of my deep experience in marketing and the related skills and business relationships I have acquired over the years, I and my company, FLeCusa, provide a unique service to clients wishing to enter the marketplace or grow their business to a new level, nationally or internationally.

In February of 2006, I, along with my co-founder Warren Roh, started The Inventors’ Roundtable, an inventing roundtable forum which nurtures a large network of inventors in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies.   The Inventors’ Roundtable is a free, safe environment where inventors learn about the invention process, how to protect their invention and how to get their idea to market. Service providers, by invitation only, donate their time to the inventors once a month. In addition, experienced and successful inventors mentor those just getting started learning the inventing process.

The Greater Denver Metropolitan Area is a hotbed of innovation, so The Inventors’ Roundtable reaches out to nearly a thousand inventors who use the group as a primary source of information and encouragement.  The Roundtable is backed by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Development Centers of Colorado.

Our motto at The Inventors’ Roundtable is “Don’t spend a dime before it’s time.” If you are interested in visiting The Inventors’ Roundtable website, please go to THE INVENTOR’S ROUNDTABLE .

In addition, I have created The Inventor’s Desktop and The Invent Vault.  These are services and tools for inventors throughout the US and internationally who cannot physically join us at The Inventors’ Roundtable meetings, but still want to access the expertise of The Inventor Lady as well as the other Roundtable service providers.

I can be reached by telephone at (303) 910-8889, by e-mail at rcrompton@flecusa.com or by web at either www.flecusa.com or www.inventorsroundtable.org. You can also reach me by “snail mail” at the following address:

The Inventor Lady

Office Telephone: (720) 535-5219

Fax: (720) 535-5220

Cellphone: (303) 910-8889


A little bit about our Industry Specialist Michael Miller

As an innovation consultant, Michael Miller provides services to Inventors and Companies who want to have leading edge innovative products. Michael is a past a Board member and Vice President (11 years) of the United Inventors Association (UIA) The largest Nonprofit Inventers group in the World. He is also a past board member (two terms) for Plumbing Manufactures International (PMI) The trade association for the largest plumbing companies in the world.

Michael has been a featured speaker at the National Hardware show the International Housewares show and most recently was the featured speaker at the 2022 Licensing Expo as well as other innovation and inventor events. He is a recognized leader in license agreements and bringing new innovative products to market. Major Customers include: Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, True Value, Menards, KB Homes, ACE, Bed Bath and Beyond, QVC, Amazon, Petco and Petsmart to name a few. 

Michael was the Director of Product Partnerships for NCH Corporation for 15 years and led the innovation programs for Danco, LSP and Hero Pet Brands prior to NCH he was the head of Research and Development at Andover Healthcare where he led the development of the world’s first cohesive elastic bandage with silver antimicrobial foam and other innovative bandages and was the Field Service and Training Manager for FEI Company, the leader in Focused Ion beam technology. He served in the U.S. Submarine Service for 20 years as a Chief Petty Officer, where he served on nuclear powered submarines. He completed his service as the Research and Development Chief at Submarine Development Squadron 12 where he led R/D projects and training on 15 different US Submarines and one submarine from the Royal Netherlands Navy. Michael holds a BA in Business Administration from Hesser College.

Michael Miller



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