Inventing: Myths and Pit Falls

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Don’t Buy It Online

I speak with inventors all the time who bought a service online. And then wonder why they lost their money. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is NOT true; and you, the inventor, become the victim. For example, I see patent services advertised for $199 to file a provisional patent application. You might as well submit it on toilet paper! This is no bargain. It is a scam. Protecting your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. Why would you cut corners and risk your most valuable asset? Using online services for your intellectual property is equivalent to putting all of your financial eggs into one basket and then throwing it off a cliff. There are other places to squeeze your dollars. It is NOT on your Intellectual Property.

Search The Internet

If you can’t find it on the internet, it must not be out there. Almost everything has been done already one way or another. It is better to know sooner rather than later what prior art has been filed and what has made it to market. Once you know the landscape, you will make better business decisions. Working blindly and hoping for the best is a bad business plan.

Marketing Is The Same As Selling

Inventors tell me all the time they think marketing is the same as selling and, “I can do it online.” No and No you can’t.

Marketing is the story you tell to convince someone to give you their money. Selling is the act of exchanging their money for your product. Marketing is the most expensive and the most time consuming. Most good inventors are not good at marketing or selling. That’s okay and the sooner you realize you can’t do it all alone, the greater your chances of success. Selling is something that can’t be done alone. Inventors are rarely good salesmen and one person can’t sell enough on a website (including Amazon) to quit your day job.

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