AOS Offers Unique Diversification

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AOS Offers Diversification

In previous literature we discussed that one way investments with the family funds helps to mitigate risk is by offering more diversification with the funds invested.  Investments get spread across multiple inventions and not everything gets sunk in to just one idea.

 I wanted to take the opportunity to expand on this diversification because I think it helps any potential investor understand how we hope to grow as a company.  And as everyone knows, growth is paramount in any company being successful over the long term.  We at AOS are always conscientious of the long term game, not just a short term.

As I’ve mentioned before, AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Funds will provide a far greater opportunity for significant portfolio diversification than any existing, competing product.  But I also only discussed our first investment family fund in any detail.

At present, there are plans for six “Invention Investment Families”, with each Family serving as an “umbrella” for a minimum of three different Invention Investment Funds (Funds I thru III).  As each of the six Families fulfills its mission of creating a minimum of three funds apiece, there’s an opportunity in the future for even more Families (and their related funds) to be rolled out.

In addition, each Invention Investment Fund is capable of holding, literally, not thirty (like venture capital funds) or hundreds (like mutual funds) but, literally, thousands of opportunities to invest in innovation. These inventions will come, not only from career serial independent inventors, but also from those individuals among members of the general public who are capable of coming up with that one great idea.

With the many currently envisioned funds, funds that may be added in the future and the greater capacity for each fund to hold many, many more investments than competing investment funds, we envision the AOS-sponsored Invention Investment Fund becoming the ultimate “gold standard” for future portfolio diversification.

More information on the diversification potential that will come with company growth can be accessed from our funds site: www.Archimedes’ Offspring.com

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