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Coming Up With an Idea- An Inventor’s Journey

Robert Patton is the inventor of the SHEATH brand of underwear.  He came up with the idea while serving on his second tour in Iraq.

Bobby was on a mission and his gear was over bearing and his underwear was horrible. He was extremely uncomfortable when he had the epiphany that if everything were separated, there would be less discomfort in hot situations.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Bobby searched online for this product to buy and couldn’t find it so he made it for himself. Then he started talking to people about it and decided to take it to market.

He had his first working prototype while in Iraq Jan 6 2009 and had the first production from Pakistan delivered to his house in September of 2010 after some nudging from his brother.

Improving His Idea

Robert PattonBobby got out of the army and went to work with a tailor for year where he learned more about the process and created a new pattern for the sample. In august of 2013, he put together a successful KickStarter campaign.  The 1st production was extremely successful!

Problems Arise For Robert Patton-but Persistence Prevails

Upon reordering a replenishment of inventory, the next a batch produced was unacceptable and unsellable. But that didn’t stop Robert Patton. Bobby had previously gotten a sample from a new manufacturer that specializes in underwear so he reached out to them and put a down payment on a new batch.  They were successful again with a campaign and nearly doubled the first KickStarter results.

How is Robert Patton Doing Now?

Since the summer of 2014, they have been successfully manufacturing with the same company and have doubled revenue annually through hard fought promotion and gorilla marketing. “The team grinds every day to get those numbers and it is a hustle and a passion and I love it” says Bobby Patton.  They are currently selling in over 70 countries.

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