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It’s best when you can bring on a “real partner” (someone who’s going to roll up his or her shirtsleeves) to share in the costs, hard work and rewards without you having to sell your soul to an investor.  

The Risks of Filing a Patent Pro Se Inventors often tell me that they filed “Pro Se,” meaning they filed their patent on their own instead of using a registered

To American inventors, inventing can be seen as an adventure, a dream, and a huge challenge. It’s often all of these. Getting a product into the marketplace is a grand

Discover the R&D Tax Credit for Inventors   Every inventor I talked with over the last couple of weeks had no idea that an R&D tax credit might apply to

After getting a patent filed, prototypes done, paying for manufacturing, and the crazy cost of marketing, now you have to deal with the fulfillment! For inventors who go into production, fulfillment can be daunting. Learn different options on how to successfully deal with fulfillment from other inventors.

Most Americans prefer to buy ‘Made in America,’ and most inventors would rather manufacture in America. Unfortunately, this is not always an option due to cost. The American consumer dictates manufacturing locations based on price. Learn about the factors influencing manufacturing decisions and how some inventors navigate these challenges.


“ASD Market Week March 2024 was the best Business to Business professional tradeshow we have ever attended. The show staff were wonderful to work with before, during, and after the show. Our booth saw a lot of traffic every day of the conference. For the first time, we had inventors who actually took multiple orders, and four members of our team received licensing offers either at the show or immediately following. The first ever Innovation Award was given to Lesley Holland for The Jewelry Closet: THE FIRST & ONLY MODULAR JEWELRY ORGANIZER, which will be featured on Invent-America for 6 months.”

Professional tradeshows aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. While there are benefits to attending, potential attendees should approach these events with a critical eye. For instance, it’s important to be wary of tradeshows that have an inventor section run by a nonprofit organization that claims to represent the interests of independent inventors. More often than not, these nonprofit organizations are simply trying to funnel money into their own pockets at the inventors’ expense. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid tradeshows with exhibitor names that are impossible to pronounce and shows that attract a large international following. A high percentage of international attendees may signal that the show has been overrun by foreign entities, meaning a low percentage of attendees are American buyers. It’s also important to pick a professional tradeshow that specifically caters to your industry rather than your status as an inventor. If you follow these rules, you can increase your odds of having a successful experience at a professional tradeshow.

      Top Tips for Inventors: Choosing the Right Tradeshow to Showcase Your Inventions       It has been a crazy few weeks of professional tradeshows; but then

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