National Hardware Show (NHS) Synopsis

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Attending the National Hardware Show

I just got back from attending the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas with 10 new products.  What a wonderful experience for the inventors!  We had garden products, snow shovels, fun new home gadgets and even something for the swimming pool. 


Who Should Attend the National Hardware Show?

Just about everyone!  After attending the show a few times, the only thing I can’t remember seeing is women’s fashion (as long as flip flops don’t count) and baby products.  So this show is perfect for inventors with new products from a wide range of industries.

There is a lot of attention paid to new products and inventors at this show.  Our booth was in the Inventor Spotlight section and we were busy all of the time.  That’s excellent exposure for the inventors who went with us.

The inventors were able to work the floor for their product and bring potential buyers back to the booth.  It was a very successful experience for our inventors and their products. 

Attending a Professional Tradeshow

I always tell inventors that a professional tradeshow is the best way to launch a new product.  All of the people you need to meet are at the professional level shows.  These product launches at NHS have lead to a number of licensing agreement over the years.  

Planning for next year has already begun.  Every year we attend we learn more about how to better present the products in the booth for the various awards that are given.  We had a good show on two months of preparation.  With a full year of getting ready, I am sure we will have an absolutely incredible experience at the next one. 

We already have six products reserving their spot in the booth under our affiliated organization, The Inventors Roundtable for the next year, so get in while there is still room!

Fore more information on the importance of attending a professional tradeshow, please check out the Inventor’s Galaxy Guide.

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