Time to Sell It: Getting Your Product to the Marketplace

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Getting a Product to the Marketplace

Have you taken your product to the marketplace? Most really good inventors have an “aha” moment solving a common household or workplace problem.

After going through the steps and spending a good chunk of cash, the inventor finally has something to sell. Unfortunately, marketing and selling are absolutely the hardest part of the process.

I recently had a conversation with an artist who has a brilliant product. She is trying to open up her selling options; but when I suggested that she try to sell to outlets other than her traditional “in the box” options, she balked at the suggestion. I was surprised at her refusal to think outside the box.

Being Part Of The Hoard Isn’t Working

Obviously being part of the hoard is not working, so what are the options?

Think bigger! Think broader! And for Heaven’s sake think outside your box!!

Improve Your Chances of Getting the Product to the Marketplace

What can you do: go to professional tradeshows. Why not sell your product where there is high volume traffic, similar products are already being sold, and shop owners are trying to add unique products to their inventory?

There are professional shows (shows not open to the public only to professionals in the business) for everything, and you should know what, where and when they take place.

Start with bigger shows that cross over multiple industries. For example, The National Hardware Show covers a dozen industries for consumer gadgets.  It’s a great place to start.

Many of the attendees are store owners who are looking for new and novel gadgets that appeal to their customers. This would have been a great show for the artist. The product would have been perfect for the privately owned nurseries.

I know that marketing dollars are hard to come by for beginners and solo business owners.  So get the biggest bang for your buck and go where you can talk to the most people.

Again: a professional tradeshow is the answer. Go to as many professional tradeshows you can. You need help. You need buyers and distributors. When I talk to inventors who are trying to all of the selling on their own, it is the first step to being out of business.

Think Bigger, Think Broader, and for Heaven’s sake think outside your box!!

If you have any questions, please let me know.  You can also check out Inventor’s Galaxy Guide for additional guidance on getting your product to the Marketplace.

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