The Blue Viper Conduit Trenching Shovel

Need to dig a trench? The Blue Viper conduit trenching shovel is a faster, cleaner solution for trench digging.

Thanks to the narrow design, the Blue Viper Shovel is perfect for installing and burying conduit, wires, piping or for drainage work.

A Faster, Cleaner Way to Dig

The Blue Viper Conduit Trenching Shovel also allows you to easily control the depth of the trench you need to dig.  It includes a unique depth control pin, which enables you to dig to a uniform depth (4”, 8”, 12”, or 16”).

The sharply defined side blades allow you to create cleaner sidewalls. The two side blades work to neatly carve the sides of the trench.  This makes it a great tool for edging or lawn sprinkler installations.  The concave point easily cuts through roots without slipping off.

Potential Uses for Blue Viper

There are so many potential uses for the Blue Viper.  Besides being a conduit trenching shovel, it’s great for digging RV campground water lines or utility work.  It can also help make installing plumbing for foundation work a much easier task.  Golf course landscaping?  No problem!  You can even use it to dig post holes and plant tree seedlings, too!

The shovel head is made of 14 gauge hot-rolled, powder coated steel with 50”L yellow pine handle and the overall dimensions are 66″ in length.

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