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Contractor Created Tools for Contractors

Contractor Created Tools for Contractors were all designed with contract style projects in mind.  Sometimes the best inventions come from people who create an industry specific design because they have spent years working in that industry.  All of our products were created by a contractor who was looking to improve on existing tools to make jobs easier.


The Caulking Gun Holster secures a caulking gun while easily attaching to any belt. This provides instant access to the caulking gun during any caulking projects.

As an additional advantage, the wearer has free hands to safely manage and climb a ladder. The holster can also be attached to any ladder.


The Retractable Caulking Cap is a contractor created tool for contractors and elevates an old idea into the 21st century. The cap is attached to a cord that retracts into a holder when not in use.  This prevents leakage and preserves the freshness of the product.

The holder can be clipped onto either the caulking gun or the caulking tube when being stored.


The Spackle Knife Holster is a magnetized, 2 sided holster for storing all metal spackle/taping knives. It allows the wearer to work more efficiently because it keeps all finishing tools within reach during the job.

The device attaches easily to any belt, which keeps the tools secure and handy. The cover can be removed for cleaning.

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Each of these products was made for contractors by a contractor.  That means they address known problem areas because someone working in this industry for years designed them!

For more information, visit us at http://www.erin-innovations.com.


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For more information, visit us at http://www.erin-innovations.com.


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