The Ferreras Drill Alignment Tool


The Ferreras Drill Alignment Tool is a tool used for guiding a drill through piling foundations for the installation of column caps. Because drilling requires very precise movements. Any tool that can aid the user in being more exact can help prevent costly mistakes.

How to Drill More Precisely Through Pilings

Our device improves the precision of piling drilling because it clamps to the piling on both sides of the column cap to prevent slipping. The clamp aligns the drill bit precisely.

This allows the user to efficiently bore through pilings. A true hole is made to perfectly reach the opposite eye bolt hole in the column cap.

The design features a square C-clamp with an adjustable slide arm and interchangeable drill bushings. Its flexibility accommodates all types and sizes of foundations pilings.

Additionally, the Ferreras Drill Alignment Tool prevents the driller from damaging a foundation pilling by drilling too large of a hole. As most people working in construction know, mistakes cost time and money. So any tool that can aid in avoiding them is a great addition to their tool belt!

For More Information

If you’re interested in learning more or would just like to see it in action, check out our video below. Or find us on YouTube. You can also view our product flyer.

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