The Glove Mold

Within the manufacture of medical examination gloves, the FDA allows for a certain amount of pinholes, which I consider inadequate and detrimental to physicians and medical personnel. My proposal will reduce and quite possibly eliminate these pinholes.

This thin walled mold made of a special alloy has wear resistance and release properties resulting in a glove mold free of any defects. The mold tensile strength averages between 60 to 80 thousand psi, approaching the metallic hardness of mild steel. Achieving a perfect dense surface free of any cast inclusions resulting from sand or porosity inherent with thick sand cast aluminum molds. Durable to the point of being considered a permanent mold, allowing the surface to be reconditioned as necessary if nicked or worn.

The primary advantage of this mold is heat conductivity, which allows for extremely fast curing and cooling cycles. This reduction in time vastly reduces energy cost associated with slower heating / cooling cycles inherent to aluminum and or ceramic molds, consequently eliminating the need for mass amounts of production molds.

Ultimately, our design vastly decreases the total capital outlay for mold production. Other important features are its thickness and uniformity allowing for shorter dip tanks, drain distances and cooling sections. The overall superior cure in finger tips and webs, reduces incidence of pin holes to near zero.

The mold accepts Vinyl, Latex, Rubber and Urethane used in the production of needle proof gloves essential for Medical Personnel, Firefighters and Law Enforcement.

View product flyer here.

Glove Mold – Latex Glove Manufacturing National Hardware Show 2023 – Product Showcase – From The INVENTOR LADY

Contact Info: Rita Crompton 303-910-8889 Rita@InventorLady.com



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