Hooks Rack

The Garage Door HOOKS RACK attaches to the hinge tube on your garage door so no tools required. Unlike others, ours is designed to be stack-able (no stagger) and ours fits all sizes of doors, even custom doors. When mounted on the garage door, it goes up and down with the garage door. Unlike most garage door racks, Our hooks system means NO THREADING IN FROM THE SIDE and can store items most others cannot like fly fishing rods, Kayak paddles and many of the garden tools like, brooms, rakes, and hoes. It also means less chance of damaging fishing rod eyelets. With the included mounting brackets you can mount on your walls Horizontally or Vertically or flush to the ceiling or hanging down from the ceiling in you garage, storage room or laundry room. 70% of buyers buy a second set by reordering or buying two sets to start. It gets the items off the floor and on the door of the Fourth Wall of your garage. Comes with Satisfaction Guarantee. Fee Shipping, Made in USA HOOKS RACK For Your Garage “C” shaped hooks made from sturdy fiberglass re-enforced nylon (-30F to 180F) with rounded edges for storing Fishing Rods, Kayak Paddles, Brooms, and light Garden Tools on garage doors, walls, and ceiling. Patented and Made in the USA Easy to Install, Hang & Access! The patent protected C shaped hooks design means no threading in from the side, unlike other racks, so it holds fishing rods the others don’t, also less risk of damaging rod eyelets. It is easy to hang the rack directly on STANDARD garage door hinges with NO TOOLS REQUIRED! (See Photo) Also comes with mounting brackets to mount, horizontally or vertically, on walls and on the ceiling 100% Money Back Guarantee. Always delivered to postal service the next business day. All questions answered the same day. John@fourthwallsolutions.com



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