Kneeler Plus- Making Kneeling and Getting Up Easier

Kneeler Plus is a new and improved variation on the traditional style kneeler.  By allowing for the person kneeling to not have to descend all the way to the ground, the new design makes getting up a million times easier on the user.

How To Combat the Pain of Frequent Kneeling

Kneeling often becomes difficult and painful for people as they age or encounter knee, hip, and/or back pain.  That pain can be the result of age, arthritis, joint replacement, Fibromyalgia or even injury.

Unfortunately, kneeling is a part of everyday life and is hard to avoid completely, even if it is painful.  So for many people hoping to remain active, they need something to help them getting in and out of the kneeling position.  Thankfully, the answer to their problem is here.

So Kneelers Plus creators decided to introduce a new kind of kneeler.  Designed to make getting in and out of the kneeling position much less painful because your knees are cradled in stretchable hammocks, it offers a simple solution to a painful problem.

If you are interested in reading more about our product or seeing pictures, then please check us out at: http://www.kneelerplus.com

Kneeler Plus is in the process of being licensed by Stander, Inc. View our product flyer here. To see more products offered by Stander, please visit their website at https://stander.com/.

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