How Sanders Helper Can Help You

Sanders Helper Duel Head Orbital Sander is an extension handle that connects to an orbital sander and instantly makes it possible to sand decks and floors while standing up.  The easily adjustable straps make it compatible with any orbital sander.

How To Use Sanders Helper

To use Sanders Helper, first turn the handle over so that you can slide a random orbital sander in to one or both brackets from the side. You can adjust the brackets depending on whether you want to use one or two random orbital sanders.

Tighten the sanders into the brackets using the Velcro straps.  Once they are in place, turn the sanders on. Then turn Sanders Helper over with the handle up.  Next, plug the cords from the sanders into the outlets on the handle with the switch in the off position.

You can hang the extra cord from the sanders on the Velcro strap on the handle. Finally, plug the outlets into the extension cord.

When you’re ready to use your sanders, simply switch on the outlets and the sanders will start.  You will be ready to sand without any worries of straining your back in a bent over position.

Please check out our video below for a demonstration of how the Sanders Helper works.  Or you can find the video online at Sanders Helper Demonstration Video. And view our product flyer here.

Using this revolutionary handle so that you can actually use two sanders at the same time will cut down on work time.  This will not only save you money but save your back and knees a lot of aching.

Don’t forget the sand paper!

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