Every Vehicle Has a Blind Spot

TrueView is the blind spot eliminator that makes every vehicle a little safer.  Because EVERY vehicle has a blind spot!

True View™ differs from other blind spot products because it TRULY brings every vehicle into view by capturing the actual image.  That image is then shown with accurate size and distance.

It is easy to use and install.  True View has adjustable viewing angles and works for both blind spot scenarios: Lane changing and backing out of blind parking spaces.  And best of all, it is compatible with any vehicle.

TrueView the Blind Spot Eliminator

All vehicles have a side mirror but all too often the vehicle in your blind spot shows too small and further away than it really is.  True View shows you the actual location of the where the other vehicle is in relationship to you. As a vehicle is pulling out of your blind spot, it is showing up in your peripheral vision.

TrueView makes real size and real placement in real time possible.  It has the potential to be a lifesaving product for anyone operating a vehicle.

TrueView In Action

To see TrueView the Blind Spot Eliminator in action, check out the video we posted to YouTube.

View product flyer here.

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