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Introducing ZIP X, the groundbreaking solution for secure wirenut applications in both residential and commercial electrical projects. Designed with patented technology, ZIP X is tailored to ensure the utmost safety and ease for all your DIY electrical endeavors.


Innovative Design for Maximum Safety: ZIP X revolutionizes the way wirenuts are secured, offering a level of safety previously unattainable in everyday electrical tasks. Its unique design not only guarantees a secure connection but also minimizes the risk of electrical hazards, making it an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional electrician.


Long-Lasting Durability: ZIP X is not just about immediate safety; it\’s built to last. Its robust construction ensures that once your wires are secured, they stay that way, protecting your family and property over the long term. The durability of ZIP X means fewer worries about the integrity of your electrical connections.


Hassle-Free Installation: The simplicity of the ZIP X system – \”Easy: 1, 2, 3, INSTALLED!\” – speaks to its user-friendly design. This hassle-free approach to securing wirenuts makes electrical work quicker and less daunting, whether you\’re a seasoned electrician or a homeowner tackling your first DIY project.


Eco-Conscious and American Made: In line with sustainable practices, ZIP X is proud to be an American-made product, contributing to local economies and adhering to high manufacturing standards. This commitment to quality and community reflects the values of trust and reliability inherent in the ZIP X brand.


A Growing Patent Portfolio: The expanding patent portfolio of ZIP X demonstrates ongoing innovation and dedication to improving electrical safety. This continuous development ensures that ZIP X remains at the forefront of electrical safety technology.


Whether for home renovations, new construction, or commercial property maintenance, ZIP X provides peace of mind, knowing that your electrical connections are secure. Visit ZIP X to explore how ZIP X can transform your approach to electrical safety.


In summary, ZIP X isn\’t just a product; it\’s an assurance of safety, reliability, and innovation in the field of electrical work. Its patented, user-friendly design represents the future of electrical safety in both DIY and professional spheres. Discover more about ZIP X\’s unique benefits and how it can contribute to your electrical safety at ZIP X .










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Voting begin March 10th at 8am and runs till March 13th at 5pm

Get ready to witness innovation like never before! We\’re thrilled to announce the prestigious Innovation Awards, sponsored by Invent America and presented by the incredible Inventor Lady, Rita Crompton. This much-anticipated event will take place at the vibrant ASD Market Week.
🚀🏆 Celebrating Innovation and Creativity 🏆🚀
Join us in honoring the brightest minds and most groundbreaking ideas in the industry. The Innovation Awards are not just an event; they\’re a celebration of the relentless spirit of inventors and entrepreneurs who are shaping our future. With Rita Crompton, a beacon of inspiration in the inventor community, at the helm, this event promises to be nothing short of spectacular.
🌐 Where and When? 🌐
Mark your calendars:
🗓️ March 10th -13th
📍 ASD Market Week
Voting closes March 13th at 5pm
Whether you\’re an aspiring inventor, a seasoned entrepreneur, or simply a fan of cutting-edge innovation, this is an event you won\’t want to miss. Expect an evening filled with inspiration, networking, and a showcase of inventions that could change the world.
🔗 Stay tuned for more details and follow us for live updates from the event. Let\’s celebrate the spirit of innovation together!
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