Perils of “One-Stop-Shopping”

Inventor Lady
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I have had several calls from new inventors over the last few weeks asking for direction.  Unfortunately, it seems they want to hear that there is one “go to” place that will do all of the work and then send them lots of money.

If you are in the early stages of your invention, there is no easy “one-stop-shop” that will really help you.  If you think there is, you are only setting yourself up for failure and expensive failure at that.

Inventing takes money, due diligence and perseverance. Each step you complete requires new decisions to be made before you take the next step.

The first mistake inventors make is to assume that there is NOTHING else like their idea in the market place.  I hear it all the time and find out that it’s not true.  In fact the last time an inventor said that to me, I found out that the patent searcher had one in the front seat of her car and had it for several years.  The inventor was so sure, he had spent thousands of dollars on prototypes.  What a waste.  For a $500 search, he would have saved thousands of dollars and stomach lining.

For inventors who can’t afford a $500 search, you really need to ask yourself if you should even be trying to go down this road.  Inventing costs money.  There is no way around it.  Companies don’t buy ideas; they license intellectual property.

I have written about all of this before.  However, it seemed like a good time to  bring it up again.  As I said, I have had lots of calls the last couple of weeks from new inventors who want an easy, cheap way to do things.  It doesn’t happen that way.

One step at a time and  with each step completed, new decisions get made.

One stop shops only take your money and success is only a fantasy.

Good Luck.


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