What does a product launch look like?
What does a product launch look like?

One of the most intimidating aspects of the invention process is the product launch.  Not only can is it the most difficult and expensive step, it is also typically the most terrifying because of all the unknown components.  The unknown can be scary.  But hopefully we can help get rid of some of the accompanying anxiety by explaining what a product launch looks like. 

Here are some important truths about the product launch process:

  1. Don’t waste money by spending it on the wrong forms of marketing or advertising.  Often times, because inventors are clueless about the how, they default to spending a lot of funds on advertising or marketing and just pray that it works.  As with some many things, spending money with zero discretion is a waste.  You’re better off spending your money on something like a tradeshow.
  2. The product launch is one of your last steps in getting a product to market.  The hard truth is that by the time you get there, most, if not all of your funds, will be gone.  Don’t go into debt throwing money at a process you don’t understand.
  3. Find a resource that can offer you quality advice on the best way to market your product without spending money needlessly.  Archimedes’ Offspring is a great resource for assisting in navigating the complex mind field of the product launch.  Years of experience have taught them what the less expensive options are that will also produce the most bang for your buck.

Getting from mind to market is not an easy task by any means and the product launch can be the most difficult step to complete wisely and frugally.  Do yourself a favor and get some help from the people who understand the process to a degree that you don’t and potentially save yourself a fortune! For more information on the entire process of getting from mind to market, please check out the Inventor’s Galaxy Guide.