2021 A Year in Review for Inventions

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We will Recover:  A New Year 2022 for Inventors

It is not surprising that our economy is still struggling to recover.  Just remember the empty shelves during the holiday season and the delayed shipments.  Now the inflation!  We haven’t seen this for decades.  The pandemic declared economic war on everyone not just the inventor and we are just learning to fight back.  

The important point is that we DO learn to fight back and we DO recover.  The American Inventor has ALWAYS been a significant part of any and all economic recoveries.  We will be so again!  It is in our nature.  No one can keep us down forever.  We do fight back and we do overcome!

The National Hardware Show 2021 last October was our best one in 15 years.  Why? Check out the 2021 stats!  Inventors are still inventing and in spite of the shortage with supply chains and manufacturing issues with China, we are striving to overcome the economic devastation caused by the pandemic.  We had several products receive national recognition and awards.  The online presence and in person presentation was better than ever before.  

The National Hardware Show 2022 will be in April. More Info is available here.  I know, it is right around the corner.  Now is the time to get it on the calendar.  The BEST way to promote your invention is IN PERSON at a professional tradeshow.  The show that includes the most industries is the National Hardware Show.  It should be called the “Big Box Store” show.  If your product could be sold at a Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or even a PetSmart, this is the show for you.

Join us and push the economy another step closer to recovery.  If you would like to join the Inventor Lady Team, contact me at Rita@InventorLady.com 

Visit www.inventorlady.com for more info.

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