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One of the best things we can do for our group members is to offer them quality information and
resources about Patent Search among other things. Many years ago when I first joined an inventor
group in Colorado, I met some extremely knowledgeable gentlemen who mentored me and offered
some priceless information and advice. Over the past 2 decades I have worked to pass this
information on to inventors or would be inventors all over the country.


Undoubtedly, one of the most important things I learned when getting an inventor teed up for
licensing is the value of doing things in the right order. The critical first step that an inventor
should PAY for is getting an independent comprehensive patent search completed. It is the most
valuable first thing an inventor should pay for because it influences every other step the inventor
will make. Doing their own searching and, if possible, a rough prototype is first, of course.
However, the first paid step is that independent search.


SearchQuest Patents (www.SearchQuestPatents.com ) does the independent comprehensive
search for a flat rate. This includes searching the USPTO by classification not keywords,
searching the WIPO database and completing a product search. All of the searchers are here in
the US and have a masters in research. They don’t think in billable hours but rather “I haven’t
found anything yet….Why Not?”
The goal of the independent comprehensive search is to give the inventor a good indicator of
prior art world wide. This helps them to frame the conversation with their chosen patent
attorney. Before they spend thousands of dollars on a provisional patent filing or waste the time
and energy of filing their own PPA, they have a chance to see what prior art is out there.
We all know that when the patent attorney does the search, they rarely do the WIPO search and
never do a product search. Doing the product search is time consuming but that is how we start
to close the gap of the two and a half year blind spot at the USPTO. Also, when the attorney
does the search, it allows them to control the conversation.


When the inventor uses SearchQuest Patents, it allows him/her to frame the conversation with
the attorney because the inventor receives the results first. Take a look at the website.
If you have any questions, give me a call or shoot me an email. If you want a speaker for your group, please let me know.

I am happy to do a zoom call about Patent Search.

Please also share this
information with your members.

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