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The Professional Tradeshow 3x’s

 The only way to get attention for your product is through marketing of some kind.  And no doubt about it, marketing is always more expensive than planned.  Experience has taught me that attending a professional trade show offers the best bang for your buck.  That being said though, you should plan on attending multiple times.  I’m sure you’re thinking that doesn’t sound very efficient or cost effective, but there is a major reason why it’s a smart decision.

I learned 20 years ago when I started attending tradeshows that buyers want to see you/your invention multiple times.  Why?  It offers them confidence that if they start buying your product that you will be around for a while.  Buyers and/or store owners find it very frustrating to place an order, have the product sell only for you to disappear.  Consequently, they will often hold off to see if you show up more than once.  They see it as your invested interest in the product means they can be invested too.

I know you’ve heard the phrase “The One Hit Wonder!” applied to bands.  Same principle applies for a cool new product at a show.  If you disappear after a few months, the buyer’s creditability takes a hit.  So when you budget for one tradeshow, budget for the second show as well.  If you don’t, you may end up missing out on reaping any of the benefits of attending a show at all.  

Otherwise, find the next Professional Tradeshow and sign up for that.  If the National Hardware Show is a good match for your product, give me a call.  We are putting our team together for NHS 2022 now.  Rita Crompton, 303-910-8889, Rita@InventorLady.com 

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