Archimedes’ Offspring Saves Innovation and YOU Get To Help!

Inventor Lady

Why is Archimedes’ Offspring so important right now to our economic recovery?

We have all heard the stories about a couple of brothers who wrap some material around some sticks and jump off a cliff eventually changing forever the way people travel around the world. What about the college kid messing around in his garage who eventually teaches us that an apple is no longer something we eat but something we use to do work.

Our entire sociality and economy are based on the average person being able to innovate.  We need a revival of that spirit; and after this stinking pandemic, we need a revival of our economy.  The government can’t do it, at least not well and certainly not alone.

We—you and all our ancestors, whether here or from somewhere else—we have survived hardship in the past by innovating our way out.  A single invention doesn’t need to change the world; but all of us together, we can change everything!

Archimedes’ Offspring is the agent of change at this moment in time.   AOS is the sponsor of a family of funds starting with Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund I.  There are already 6 projects in the fund and many, many more will be added in the future.  You can see everything that has been vetted for funding and already approved by Da Vinci’ Board of Directors.

AOS Management, the entity that AOS and Da Vinci have appointed to manage the day-to-day operations of the fund, thoroughly vets and then presents to the Da Vinci Board for approval, those inventions that appear to have significant market and commercialization potential. The Board then makes a final determination on which of the presented projects should receive funding.   By selecting highly vetted inventions, we are protecting you, the investor, as well as the inventor.  By having, over time, many, many inventions in each fund, we are again protecting you, the investor.

Many of you have heard about James Dean: the “Rebel without a Cause”.  With AOS, we are Rebels WITH a Cause.  We are taking an age old tradition of innovation and adding the new structured funding  mechanism  of the very first Da Vinci invention investment fund.

Join us—Fight with us—To revive our lives, economy and future.

Be innovative—Be Brave—Be American

Make our economy Thrive Again!!

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