What is Archimedes’ Offspring?

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For those of you not familiar with Archimedes Offspring (AOS), the easiest way to define the company is a business trust, or a team, that serves as the creator and sponsor of a bunch of investment funds that match investors directly with inventions.  Historically, or at least over the past 40 plus years, inventions that needed investment assistance to get them to market have been housed as startups.

Unfortunately, those startups have also been required to seek the funding assistance of venture capitalists and not had the ability to be funded by the retail investor.

That’s how AOS is changing the game for the retail investor.  Where previously the only investment opportunity came late in the game, think 4th quarter, AOS is allowing for the ordinary retail investor to play as a starter.  That’s because AOS starts working with an invention prior to it ever being exposed as a start-up to the venture capitalist.

AOS acquires an interest in a thoroughly vetted invention and/or concept, and then helps the independent inventor to develop that idea and eventually commercialize it.  Then, depending on how the inventor wishes to proceed at that point, Archimedes’ Offspring helps the inventor either license the invention, sell it to a third party outright or allows the inventor to buy back their interest from Archimedes’ Offspring and then proceed from there in whatever direction the inventor chooses.


When it comes to you, the retail investor, with Archimedes’ Offspring, you make a direct investment in inventions, avoiding all the risk that comes with investing in startups.

It’s that simple.  By allowing you to have earlier access to inventions and innovation, we are changing the game.  And even better, by adopting this approach, we at AOS are committing ourselves to doing everything in our power to change the current dynamic for the investor and the inventor.

So please head to our website, www.archimedesoffspring.com, to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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