Can Independent Inventors Afford To Go To Market?

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Can an independent inventor afford to go to market?  That’s a question I get all the time as a licensing agent.  The straight answer and hard truth is probably not.  Unless you are independently wealthy and have a significant supply of play money at your disposal, getting a product from the idea stage to market is hard. And it will most likely end up costing more capital than you have at your disposal.

So how can we tip the scales back in the favor of helping the little guy, i.e. the independent inventor to succeed?  That’s a question I asked myself as a licensing agent numerous times over the years.  But my Eureka moment came in the form of an assistance program, not an invention per se.  The need for funding assistance for the independent inventor is the driving force behind the idea that ultimately lead to the creation Archimedes’ Offspring.  

What is Archimedes’ Offspring?

How great would it be for a company to exist that offers a two fold approach to helping the independent inventor?  It would seek to find quality ideas with real potential by using a submission process through the website.  Submitted ideas would be subjected to a review by a vetting committee made up of inventing experts.  Once the ideas pass the vetting process, their inventor would have the opportunity to receive much needed advice. And, better still, funds to get his/her idea through the process!  

Independent Inventors CAN Afford to go to Market

Archimedes’ Offspring is a game changer for the independent inventor and it has given me the ability to change my answer to that original question.  YES!  An independent inventor CAN afford to go to market.  

Come visit our website to learn more about the revolutionary approach to funding inventions, www.archimedesoffsping.com.  We also have a Facebook page and you can join our Facebook group Archimedes’ Offspring: https://www.facebook.com/groups/765741180506986/


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