Is Inventing like joining the Circus?

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Inventing or Joining the Circus
Inventing or Joining the Circus

Is inventing like joining the circus? You may wonder where I’m going with this question. Most of us have never seriously considered joining the circus. Although fantastic movies, like The Greatest Showman, that romanticize the life may make us wonder, it’s not an easy lifestyle by any means. I feel like that makes it a great parallel to getting an idea from mind to market. It is not for the faint of heart, it can often be chaotic and usually requires you to think far outside your comfort zone.

Inventing is Crazy or so it Can Seem

You really don’t know the risks or the destination when you first start out with the idea phase of an invention. And when you tell family and friends what you are thinking, they just might think you are crazy!

Well I can’t stop your friends and family from thinking you are a little nuts but I can help you avoid the chaos that goes along with the circus. 

How to Avoid the Craziness of the Circus

  1. Determine if you really have a serious product by having a comprehensive product/patent search done by an independent provider.
  2. Follow a step by step plan that we help you create (no charge).
  3. Understand that each business decisions is made based on the information gathered at the last step.
  4. Learn the inventor budget not a startup budget.  They are very different.
  5. Set a timeframe for each step with a target launch date.  This helps you stay on track.

Inventing is crazy and it certainly isn’t for everyone.  It takes a stomach lining, a budget and EXCELLENT guidance from Archimedes Offspring and the Inventor Lady to get where you want to go rather than where the circus drops you off. So instead of getting lost in the chaotic circus-like world, do yourself a favor and get professional, dependable assistance from people dedicated to aiding inventors on their quest from mind to market!

For more information, please check out our sister company website: http://www.archimedesoffspring.com.

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