From Mind to Market: The AOS Process

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From Mind to Market: The AOS Process
From Mind to Market: The AOS Process

For any potential investors interested in progressing with AOS investment opportunities, understanding the AOS process of commercializing a product is important.  It’s also important to learn how an invention and its inventor qualify for mentoring and funding assistance.  After all, how can we ask anyone to trust Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund I (DVIIF-I) with his or her money if we aren’t offering transparency on how the funds are managed on his/her behalf?

AOS sponsored Funds are open to everyone with an idea they want to see get from mind to market, no matter where they are in the process when they apply.  The only aspect that is getting reviewed is the invention itself, never the person behind it.  That means we aren’t looking at credit scores to qualify or personal backgrounds.  The DVIIF-I board is only focused on the potential of the invention and the fund’s ability to get it to market.

Every inventor goes through the same process of submitting an online application that is reviewed and then passed on to a vetting team at AOS. The vetting team is made up of industry experts who have all been working within the invention industry for years.  From attorneys to licensing agents to engineers and marketing experts, we employ numerous minds, all of whom bring essential expertise to the process of commercialization and getting the product to market.

When the inventions have been thoroughly vetted, the AOS vetting team then presents the inventions to DVIIF-I’s Board of Directors.  During these presentations, the Board Members ask questions and, where appropriate, request that the vetting team secure and present additional information.

Once all questions have been satisfactorily answered, the Board, which is comprised of a majority of independent directors, votes either to fund the invention or to pass.  If a majority vote in favor of accepting the product into the fund, the first installment of funding is approved and a separate holding account is set up to receive the actual disbursement of the funds.

An important caveat worth mentioning here is that the funds are NEVER given to the inventor directly.  Rather, thoroughly-vetted service providers are paid directly from the separate holding account.  This approach helps protect YOUR investment.  It also helps mitigate the risk of funds being wasted on unnecessary steps or sketchy service providers more interested in cheating unsuspecting inventors who would, on their own, not know better.

Vetted service providers include patent attorneys, engineers who assist with prototype design, marketing specialists who help with the final design and packaging, etc.  These experts help get the product to a point where it can go to a trade show.  It’s at these trade shows where most of the products will debut.

The maximum amount of funding any one invention can receive caps out at $75,000.  This max amount is actually divided into smaller installments, with the ability to draw down subsequent installments being dependent on the type of progress the inventor has made to that point and whether or not they have met the project milestones to which AOS and the inventor previously agreed.

Not every product will require the full $75,000 to get to market.  Applications are received from inventors at different steps in the process, so in some cases some of the work may have already been done and paid for by the inventor prior to the request for funding.

The point here is that while we can’t say there is no risk involved, the entire infrastructure of AOS, and DVIIF-I, is designed to minimize risk for our investors while helping them enjoy the greatest possible return on their investment.

If you have any questions about the process, or the composition of the DVIIF-I Board, or you just want more information, please reach out to an AOS representative.  AOS prides itself on transparency and is dedicated to helping anyone interested in taking this journey with us to feel as comfortable as possible in trusting us with their money.

You can always find more info on our website www.archimedesoffspring.com or reach out to us through email.


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