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                Show Me the Money!

It’s very important to understand the relationship that exists between Archimedes’ Offspring (AOS) and the Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund-I (DVIIF-I).  AOS is the management company and acts as a funnel of information for the potential inventions to be presented to the board that manages the funds.

The reason this relationship is so critical for the investor to understand is because that’s where we truly differ from other investment groups in that our pool of money is established as a “fund”.  The first fund that will be getting promoted is the Da Vinci Invention Investment Fund I, however, additional funds will be established as the company progresses.

Each of the funds established by AOS stands alone, has its own board of directors, its own bank account and its own inventions.

Now what do I mean by funds?  A “fund” for our purposes is a pool of money, composed of investors contributions and royalties.  You invest and you’re paid back a percentage of royalties, based on your initial investment.  You, the investor, are never charged a fee for the services for managing the fund.  This is a remarkable difference between any existing investment opportunity and what AOS is offering.


I know what you’re thinking, that sounds too good to be true and I should run in the opposite direction.  So let me clarify why this is possible and why you don’t need to make a quick exit.  Other investment platforms need to charge a fee because that’s where they make their money.  And they are going to make their money whether you make anything or not.

Here at are AOS, we are strong believers in the philosophy that the “secret to life is to not be too greedy!”  Greed is the number one controlling factor to Wall Street and anything related to Wall Street!  AOS does not need to charge a fee because AOS makes its money off of royalties, just like you the investor do.  That means we have skin the in the game.  If we don’t take care of you, we don’t make any money either.

Profits come from products being successfully licensed or sold and the royalties and/or profits are then distributed to investors.

Hopefully this explanation of how we make our money has demonstrated to you how we differ from other investment opportunities.  But if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

You can always find more info on our website www.archimedesoffspring.com and the link to the funds website is on there as well!

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