May 27, 2023

In the Beginning Knowing Your Options… With Inventor of the Self Heating Drying Rack Randi Butler & Inventor Lady

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In the Beginning Knowing Your Options… With Inventor of the Self Heating Drying Rack Randi Butler & Inventor Lady

Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
In the Beginning Knowing Your Options... With Inventor of the Self Heating Drying Rack Randi Butler & Inventor Lady

For this week’s broadcast of HomeTalkUSA’s “InventAmerica!” segment, Michael King and co-host Rita Crompton
welcome Randi Butler, inventor of a self-drying dishrack, to discuss “In the Beginning . . . Knowing Your Options Sooner Than Later”.

We welcome guest Randi Butler Inventor of Self Heating Dish Rack

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Rita Crompton, known as “The Inventor Lady,” is an industry expert with decades of experience helping innovators develop their ideas into sellable products. Her knowledge and expertise covers all aspects of the invention process – patents and trademarks, engineering and manufacturing, crowdfunding, marketing and selling, and licensing. Ms. Crompton has helped inventors bring to market everything from full size functioning tractors to baby products – there’s a reason she’s called “The Inventor Lady.”

Michael King, known as “the Cajun Contractor,” has been in the home improvement and home construction industry for nearly three decades, first by working for a home improvement company and then becoming a fully licensed general contractor owning and managing his own home improvement company. For more than a decade, however, his knowledge and expertise as a general contractor have been put to use by hosting the nationally syndicated television and radio program HomeTalkUSA.

Rita has been helping Inventors with their patent journey for 20 years. When you are looking for honest help in getting your idea to market Rita is the most trusted advisor you need. Learn More at ⁠⁠ and catch episodes and podcasts.

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