November 19, 2022

Let’s Talk about Inventor Groups – with The Inventor Lady and Lexa Gandolfo


Let’s Talk about Inventor Groups – with The Inventor Lady and Lexa Gandolfo

Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
Let's Talk about Inventor Groups - with The Inventor Lady and Lexa Gandolfo

 For this week’s segment of Invent America, Michael King and co-host Rita Crompton welcome Lexa Gandolfo to discuss “Inventor Groups”. Inventor of the Cargo Caddie, Gandolfo is the Co-founder of Open Innovations Group, Executive Director of Invent New England, and an Ambassador for the United Inventors Association. For more information, please visit: acgdesigns.net. Lexa’s passion for inventing and helping other inventors is fueled by lessons learned with her product invention, Cargo Caddie. Cargo Caddie is a trunk shelf organizer that nearly doubles usable trunk space for most SUV/CUVs on the market.  Cargo Caddie provides shelf space above the trunk floor for items such as camping and hiking gear, sports equipment, boating and fishing items, folding chairs, backpacks, and more. Cargo Caddie fits nearly every SUV and CUV on the road. She is currently working to license Cargo Caddie, and has begun development on several other consumer products. Lexa is also the co-founder and Principal of Open Innovations Group, LLC (OIG). Additionally, she is the Executive Director of Invent New England, one of the oldest independent organizations in the country dedicated to supporting and educating independent inventors. Finally, Lexa is an Ambassador at the United Inventors Association, the largest 501c3 in the world dedicated to education and advocacy for the independent inventor community. While she advises and consults on various functions within the organization, her current focus with the UIA is on redesign and development of the organization’s website which offers its member community no cost educational materials and access to the industry’s leading events and experts. Prior to her launching the above efforts, Lexa was Principal of 3210 Consulting, a website design and software development company she founded in 2002. She oversaw all business development and acted as the company’s chief business analyst for the company’s 65+ small business clients and over $700,000 in annual revenue. She sold the company after 11 years. Lexa received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, and resides in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband, Mike, and their three children.

Inventor, Cargo Caddie / Co-founder, Open Innovations Group/ Executive Director, Invent New England/ Ambassador, United Inventors Association.










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