December 17, 2022

What to Do When You Can’t File the Traditional Patent? With The Inventor Lady & Inventor of PINERITE – Andre Roy

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What to Do When You Can’t File the Traditional Patent? With The Inventor Lady & Inventor of PINERITE – Andre Roy

Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
Invent America - With The Inventor Lady - Rita Crompton
What to Do When You Can't File the Traditional Patent? With The Inventor Lady & Inventor of PINERITE - Andre Roy

For this week’s segment of Invent America, Michael King and co-host Rita Crompton discuss “What to Do When You Can’t File the Traditional Patent?” with Andre Roy. Roy invented a way to process forest biomass and developed a special pine soap product, Pinerite.

Soon after his retirement Andre invented a new way to process forest biomass. This included a method of processing needles and tree limbs using a new machine which he was granted a U.S. patent. The primary product from this patented machine was a very high quality fertilizer that has important international promise. This fertilizer has been tested and studied by the Colorado State University of Colorado with very positive results. During 2012 and 2013 he was asked by CSU to take over the managing responsibilities of the Water and Soil laboratory. While expanding the possibilities of his new machine, Andre decided to bring to market a special pine soap product he developed. This product is called Pinerite. From a modest beginning, within the time frame of 3 and a half years he has grown the business to a national and now international level. As you can see Andre is not good at retiring.



Rita Crompton, known as “The Inventor Lady,” is an industry expert with decades of experience helping innovators develop their ideas into sellable products. Her knowledge and expertise covers all aspects of the invention process – patents and trademarks, engineering and manufacturing, crowdfunding, marketing and selling, and licensing. Ms. Crompton has helped inventors bring to market everything from full size functioning tractors to baby products – there’s a reason she’s called “The Inventor Lady.”

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