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Getting a Professional Patent Search Done

Is getting a professional patent search done really necessary?  YES!  Not only is it necessary, it is critical!

I have noticed over the last few months a local organization encouraging inventors to do their own patent searching rather than having a professional search done.  This group has also implied that they can teach you in a few hours how to do your own searching by going down to the local library and using their computers.

This is a TERRIBLE IDEA!  It’s easy for anyone to give bad advice.

Let me explain why this falls in to that category.

Why a Professional Patent Search is So Critical

  • You have a vested interest in finding nothing that competes with your idea so you will naturally have on blinders.  Having a neutral party complete a search will give you much more comprehensive results. Don’t spend any money on your idea until you’re sure that idea has somewhere to go!
  • Professional Patent Searchers have a lot of experience navigating complicated international and national databases.  These databases can be extremely overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to look for.  Save yourself some stress and get help from an expert.
  • All of your business decisions will be based off the patent search.  So if it is done incorrectly or incompletely, you stand to waste a lot of money!
  • A good attorney and engineer will ask you for the results of your patent search and they’re NOT talking about the one you did yourself.

How Much Does a Professional Patent Search Cost

A good search is only $500.  Honestly, if you can’t put $500 into the project, you probably shouldn’t be doing this at all.  This search will include a U.S. classification search, NOT a keyword search.  It should also include an international search and a product search.

A good search done by a professional takes many hours.  Reading the claims is like reading a foreign language.  Most inventors have a day job and learning how to do this and then betting your future on it, is just bad planning.  Your time is better spent doing what you do well and hiring someone to do what they do well.

If you are going to put your financial future into this basket, why in the world would you take shortcuts?  Don’t spend a dime before it’s time, but when it’s time—step up.

For more information on the importance of the professional patent search, read the section on it in the Inventor’s Galaxy Guide.  Inventor’s Galaxy Guide

Choosing a Quality Patent Search Company

I’ve worked with a company routinely and I always hear good things from my inventors who use them.  Check out the link to their website.  Search Quest Patents

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