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  • National Hardware Show 2023

    National Hardware Show 2023

    National Hardware Show for 2023   [button link=”https://www.inventorlady.com/nhs2023/” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] MORE INFO[/button]   The National Hardware Show for 2023 is coming up really fast.  It will be held 01/31/23-02/02/23 in Las Vegas.  The really exciting thing about the 2023 show is that it won’t just be the National Hardware Show 2023, it will also […]

  • Time to Sell It: Getting Your Product to the Marketplace

    Getting a Product to the Marketplace Have you taken your product to the marketplace? Most really good inventors have an “aha” moment solving a common household or workplace problem. After going through the steps and spending a good chunk of cash, the inventor finally has something to sell. Unfortunately, marketing and selling are absolutely the […]